Wok: a healthy way to cook

He wok It is an "invention" of the so-called traditional Chinese cuisine, and in one way or another has the particularity that it brings to the dishes a touch certainly exotic, different and original, without any fat.


One of the main advantages of cook with wok It is derived from the fact that you can prepare both broths and soups, steam them or even make delicious fat-free sautées.

This is so, because it is enough to lightly paint the surface of the same using a kitchen paper impregnated with a few drops of oil (preferably olive oil ).

The advantages of cooking with Wok

He wok it is characterized because it allows a homogeneous distribution of heat, which confers different culinary peculiarities, healthy and healthy.

And, with it, the food that is cooked retains its color, its nutritional values ​​and its texture, something that is important not only from a nutritional or dietary point of view, but culinary.

What food does the Wok serve?

Preferably the wok is used to make exquisite sautéed with almost any food, although especially vegetables and vegetables, seafood, turkey, chicken, fish and white meats are used.

In addition, it is quite simple to use, so the only precaution that should be taken into account is to cut the vegetables into large pieces, and not move too much sautéed.

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