Wine tannins: properties

wine tannins The tannins They are organic substances, completely natural, that we find in certain foods and beverages. Among the foods with the highest content of tannins we can distinguish grapes, spinach or quince. While among the most important drinks we can highlight red wine and tea.

They tend to add nuance or a different flavor to the food or drinks where they are found. For example, in the case of red wine, tannins provide a sensation of dryness, astringency and harshness.

Although these substances are found naturally in the aforementioned foods and beverages, it is possible to obtain them from the maceration of the seeds. Or, in the case of wine, of the skins (or, what is the same, of the wine must).

The wine tannins

At came the tannins They have several important functions, especially in their different organoleptic properties (flavor, texture, smell and color).

For example, when we taste the wine, the tannins are responsible for the fact that it can be more or less dry, rough and also possesses a certain astringency. While, in terms of color, they are combined with substances such as anthocyanins, acting in such a way that the color of the wine is much more stable, providing the characteristic red color and bluish tones to the wines.

Depending on the time of maturation and long fermentation in wood, tannins can increase their presence

The presence of tannins in the grape

The grape is one of the fruits richest in tannins. We find them especially in their skin, seeds and scrapes.

Its content also depends on the type of grape. Thus, for example, there are varieties such as the syrah grape or the cabernet sauvignon grape, which stand out for their thicker skin.

Properties of tannins

  • Help to prevent cardiovascular diseases : thanks to keeping the arteries clean.
  • Astringent action : ideal against diarrhea, due to its antidiarrheal effect.
  • Protective effect : protect against cancer.
  • They have anti-fungal virtues .
  • Antibacterial properties .

We must bear in mind that these properties are related to a moderate consumption of wine, not consuming it in excess since in these cases it can cause serious health effects (you can read more about the effects of alcohol ).

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