Wine: a healthy drink

A lot of has talked about whether the came is a drink or not healthy for health, so there have been many studies that have been carried out for decades to know what are the benefits and properties of wine .


He came (especially the Red wine ) is the drink par excellence of the so-called Mediterranean diet , since it constitutes a true elixir for health.

Not in vain, on a previous occasion we have echoed the benefits of grapes , fruit from which, as you surely know, you get the wine.

Benefits and properties of wine

One of the substances by which the came it turns out to be an extremely healthy drink is its high content in polyphenols , a group of antioxidants that help prevent cardiovascular diseases and the appearance of cancer, as well as improve arthritis and reduce hypertension .

In addition, they tend to increase estrogen levels and improve blood circulation in the brain, while maintaining levels of cholesterol in your healthy line.

Experts recommend consuming a glass of red wine a day, as it helps the circulatory system, while protecting the heart.

Of course, the came It is not recommended for people suffering from alcoholism, women in pregnancy and lactation, as well as - obviously - in children. Its consumption should be moderate, and within the recommended limits to enjoy its benefits and properties.

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