Willow for pains and fever

properties-sauce-benefits Although officially Christmas has already left (we hope, by the way, that you have enjoyed and lived as never before), the winter He is still with us, and with him the bad weather, the cold, the flu and the colds.

As you surely know, there is a very diverse amount of home remedies for flu Y home remedies for colds that in these dates can be practically useful.

Within these same remedies, the willow can become an ideal ally against pain and those flu and colds that run with fever, mainly by the Willow properties .

Properties and benefits of willow

He willow It is a tree that enjoys a great tradition within the popular medicine itself, since formerly it was prescribed as an ideal remedy for very diverse problems, diseases and disorders.

In this sense, the bark of the willow has some very interesting virtues and therapeutic properties, being properly the main ingredient of the popular aspirin.

It contains salicylated derivatives that exert an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, especially at a particularly articulatory level.

In addition, it has an antipyretic effect that helps lower high fever levels, ideally against flu and colds.

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