Why it is not good to wear sandals or flip flops for a long time

When summer comes, it is very common for us to start spending long periods on the beach or in the pool, either sunbathing or enjoying some refreshing moments in the water, especially when it is very hot. In addition, with the arrival of good weather and especially high temperatures it is common that we begin to use flips flops or flip flops , as a way to keep your feet cool and avoid excess sweat if you use other types of footwear (such as sneakers or shirts, less usual during summer).

Although it is a common practice and followed by many people, especially during the holidays, the reality is that we would be faced with a practice that is not recommended and is not recommended at all for the health of our feet.

Sandals in summer

Why? Fundamentally because sandals or flip flops tend not to hold the foot as for example, shoes, shoes or shirts do, so that by not offering adequate support there is a tendency to curl the fingers to hold them.

As a consequence we tend to take smaller steps and also make an extra effort when walking, so we tense the muscles and tendons continuously, stretching the plantar fascia almost exaggerated, causing pain, fatigue and inflammation .

But its consequences do not end here, since the risk of injury from wearing sandals or flip-flops is much higher , being more common those known as short-term injuries, among which are the pains in heels and in the arch of the foot and sprains . Other types of more serious injuries can also occur, such as bunions or increase the risk of accidents going up or down stairs like trips or snags.

The use of sandals or flip flops properly

According to what many podiatrists recommend, it is more appropriate limit the use of flip flops or sandals only when we are on beaches or pools , which will help us keep our feet cool but avoid discomfort and injury related to a more common and extended use over time (for example, during a whole day or for many hours each day). Further, This footwear must adequately hold the ankle and the instep .

On the basic characteristics that perfect sandal should fulfill, we can mention the following:

  • Sole : it must be made of thick, semi-rigid and high-density material, which helps cushion the strokes of walking steps, and will also be useful to avoid possible trips if they bend easily.
  • Ergonomic shape : adapt more appropriately to the tread.

Another basic recommendation is avoid sandals too cheap since they could be made with unhealthy or toxic materials and cause allergies, being more advisable buy them in stores specializing in footwear .

flip flops

When is it not advisable to wear sandals?

Although sandals or flip flops are in fact a kind of harmless and not very dangerous shoes when they are used in a timely manner only in the pool or on the beach, there are certain conditions that would prevent their use, being not so advisable.

For example, They are not suitable for people with diabetes or circulation problems , since having reduced the sensitivity of the feet can cause injuries and not notice, with the obvious risks that would entail.

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