Why it's not good to drink sugary sodas when we're thirsty

The need to ingest fluids is controlled by a region of the diencephalon, responsible for controlling the regime of fluids in our body. This region is known as the hypothalamus, and is responsible for sending the order to drink fluids when it detects that both our blood and the rest of the organic liquids are close to excessive density, either due to an increase in the concentration of salts in our body or because of the water deficit.

In fact, did you know that our body has two different detection systems through which it continually reports to the hypothalamus? One of them measures the tension present in the walls of the heart that informs about the volume of blood circulation. Another measures the proportion of dissolved salts in the blood. In turn, the main sensation of thirst may come from receptors found in the mouth, thirst arising when the humidity level is reduced and both the mouth and the tongue are dried out.

Sugary drinks are not good at quenching thirst

For that reason in reality thirst is a sensation that our brain emits in order to warn us that we need to ingest liquid . But to hydrate properly is not worth any liquid, as for example is the case of refreshments waves sugary drinks . Moreover, opting for these liquids is a complete mistake when we feel thirsty.

The reason is obvious: the high content of sugar present in this type of drinks causes a greater sensation of thirst , increasing it. As a result, although at the time of taking a sip you feel thirst is reduced (especially if the drink is cold), the truth is that a few minutes later you will feel your thirst increased, "forcing" you to drink soda in adults amounts. Let's say that it is a vicious circle tremendously well studied.

If you also opt for a sugary drink with caffeine (as for example is the case of the popular Coca Cola or Pepsi) it would be an even greater error given that Caffeine will cause us to lose more water with urine, causing dehydration .

Water is the best to hydrate

The best to quench thirst? Without any doubt the Water . The amount to drink would depend on the needs of each one, although in most cases it is enough to quench thirst with two glasses of water .

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On the other hand, if you have practiced very intense physical exercise or for more than 90 minutes, it is best to opt for sports drinks rich in mineral salts , useful and adequate for the replacement of the different electrolytes that we have lost with sweat. Be that as it may, the key is not to opt for soft drinks or sugary drinks to quench thirst, because far from reducing it will increase it.

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