Why do I have swollen eyes?

There are several changes that can appear in the eyes or in the area of ​​the outer skin to them in certain situations and moments. Stress, anxiety and nerves, together with poor rest or not sleeping enough hours can influence their appearance, although it is also true that they can respond to the presence of an imbalance of the organism.

Regarding the different problems that can arise in this area of ​​our organization, we can mention three fundamental ones: swollen eyes , the eye bags and the bags under the eyes . All of them can respond to very different causes, so discovering why they appear will help you to prevent them, or finally to your treatment.

Swollen eyes

What are swollen eyes?

Swollen eyes are those that tend to present a larger size than usual , may appear red, tired or dilated, and be accompanied by other related symptoms, such as dark circles.

That is to say, the eyes tend to swell and bulge and when this happens they are popularly known by the name of swollen eyes . These symptoms appear above all when your tissues tend to retain fluids .

Consequently the eyes feel tired , which in turn gives the face an exhausted appearance, unattractive and above all very unhealthy.

What are the causes of the swollen eyes?

As we indicated, their causes are really varied. We tell you the most important ones below:

  • Certain diseases : not only diseases of the eyes, but others such as Crohn's disease, liver problems or the presence of allergies.
  • Fatigue, lack of sleep : overwork, insomnia problems or lack of adequate rest influence the appearance of swollen eyes.
  • Fluid retention : as a result of poor circulatory drainage, fluid retention occurs under the eyes, which causes swelling of the tissues that surround them.
  • Age : since it produces a weakening of the muscles that support the eyes. In addition, the skin also loses strength.
  • Stress, nervousness and anxiety : maintaining a lot of stress or anxiety for long periods of time negatively influences the appearance of swollen eyes, because if we feel more nervous the most usual thing is that it costs us to rest well.


How to prevent the appearance of swollen eyes?

If your eyes have not yet swollen but you want to prevent them there are some very simple natural tips that can be of great help:

1. Follow a varied, healthy and balanced diet

Believe it or not, Following a healthy diet influences not only our health, but also our eyes , so that if we follow an unbalanced diet that is also not healthy, it will cause the appearance of dark circles, bags or swelling.

It is very important that the diet be rich in natural food , highlighting especially fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those that are rich in certain vitamins (such as A, B and C) and minerals (such as zinc).


2. Sleep and rest long enough and always in an appropriate way

Rest well and sleep properly is the best way to prevent the appearance of swollen eyes . But not only enough to rest the hours due (between 6 to 8 hours), it is also appropriate to do it with a comfortable pillow, which will help facilitate proper drainage of the eye area.

3. Watch your eyes when working

If you work every day in front of the computer, it is convenient that maintain proper eye habits : rest your eyes every 30 minutes, trying to get up from the chair and resting your eyes, avoid looking at the screen and avoid monitors or screens that work badly or are in poor condition.

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