Whole grains and cholesterol

On previous occasions, we have placed special emphasis on the relationship existing in certain food and cholesterol , such as for example chocolate and cholesterol , he flaxseed oil and cholesterol , or the olive oil and cholesterol .


Especially, because they are foods that can help us reduce the high cholesterol , and to properly lower the different levels of bad LDL cholesterol, and raise the HDL (good).

Like olive oil, both the whole rice and all the whole grains they are very good against the high cholesterol , because as we will see below, its high fiber content helps to expel cholesterol.

Relationship between whole grains and cholesterol

As we have commented previously, the high fiber content of whole grains helps to expel high cholesterol.

In addition, many of them, such as Integral rice , they contain tocotrienol, a kind of Vitamin E that, according to the latest research carried out on it, would be able to reduce up to 62% the bad cholesterol, and up to 42% the so-called good cholesterol.

However, there are times when the dark parts of certain supposedly integral products are confused, which lead us to think precisely that they are.

This is the case, as we have mentioned as an example throughout this article, of the whole rice and dark rices, since the latter have a refined part that contains many nutrients, and therefore do not have that anti-cholesterol benefit so important.

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