White spots on the nails

The nail they become a part of the body in many forgotten occasions, although it is true that, like the eyes, they can become a clear indicator of whether our health is good, and if above all the diet and diet that we follow is healthy or not, or however there are certain deficiencies.

white spots on the nails

As we saw in our note dedicated to the nutrition for nails , follow a healthy and balanced diet is essential and essential not only when maintaining good health, but to take care of our nails, which also need vitamins and minerals.

Regarding, for example, the main vitamins and minerals that these need, we must highlight especially vitamin A, vitamins of group B, calcium, iodine and zinc.

In addition to To bite nails , or the existence of step parents , another of the most common disorders or problems that tend to affect the nails are the white spots .

Why do white spots appear on the nails?

The appearance of white spots on the nails receives the medical name of leukonychia , and they arise as a consequence of micro breaks that occur at the base of the nails (known as the matrix).

There are certain circumstances that can influence its appearance, such as having the nails continuously in contact with water or substances considered aggressive (such as detergents), as they cause them to become more fragile.

In addition to hits, they may also appear as a consequence of a nutritional deficit They cause the nails to be weaker and when they receive a blow they are much more sensitive: in particular of minerals such as iron or zinc, or in vitamin B6 and vitamin A.

How to avoid or reduce the white spots of the nails?

The fundamental thing is to try to take care of the nails as much as possible. What is most appropriate? Try to protect the nails against bumps or breaks, and if for example we work with our nails always under water or using aggressive substances, it is best to use protective gloves.

It is also essential to follow a balance diet and varied, that contributes to our organism every day the different essential nutrients that you need so much: your special in which we offer you will probably help you tips to follow a balanced diet .

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