The white or lean fish: beneficial for health

The white fish (also called with the name of lean fish ), they come to be an excellent alternative in the meals, since in addition to easy to prepare (they can be praparados to the plate, to the microwaves or cooked to the furnace), they count on very important properties and benefits .

Lean fish

Not in vain, as we will see both detained and in detail throughout this article, whitefish stands out for being a food with an important source of nutrients, plus they are easily digestible .

One of the most important nutrients of white fish are the high or good quality proteins , which are accompanied by Group B vitamins and minerals, such as match, calcium , iron , iodine and copper .

They are ideal for all people, especially for the youngest or young people who are in school, as white fish will provide an interesting amount of phosphorus, and especially calcium, an important mineral that promotes proper growth.

It is also so beneficial, that many experts nutritionists advise to take between three and four servings of fish a week, given the important virtues they have.

Regarding the caloric value of white fish, we should point out that approximately a medium portion of lean fish of about 110 grams, provides 120 kcal.

Precisely because the lean fish usually have a similar caloric value, it is highly recommended to alternate different fish in the meals, in such a way that we will enjoy all the flavor of the sea choosing one or the other.

Nutritional benefits of lean fish

  • Vitamins : high content of group B vitamins
  • Minerals : rich in phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and copper.
  • High protein content of good quality .
  • Low caloric content : just 120 kilocalories per 100 grams.

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