Where to find animal proteins

The proteins are essential nutrients for our body, which we must consume every day from the follow-up of a balance diet healthy and healthy

In fact, along with carbohydrates and fats, are essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our body, we must consume daily in its proper measure (neither abuse nor eliminate them, as they do a great diversity of miraculous diets really dangerous for our Health).


The proteins they are mainly formed by chains of basic compounds that are called amino acids , existing a total of 22 different amino acids.

To ensure a correct protein intake, it is best to always keep in mind which are the best protein-rich foods , so that they never fail in our diet.

But depending on the type of protein we can find proteins of plant origin and with proteins of animal origin .

The proteins of animal origin

As its name indicates, proteins of animal origin are the nutrients that animal products provide us , considered as higher quality than vegetables. However, from a healthy point of view, it is most appropriate to increase the consumption of vegetable proteins (given that they stand out for their nutritional contribution of high biological value).

Main foods rich in animal proteins

Here we indicate the protein-rich foods of animal origin that they should never miss in your diet.

Remember that it is advisable to take between 12 to 15% of proteins every day, not exceeding that amount since its excess is dangerous for health. Take good note:

  • Fish.
  • Meats.
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products.

As we see, these foods stand out for being completely natural and healthy products, which fall within any healthy balanced diet.

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