When acupuncture came to the West

It was back in the 70s when a journalist working for the New York Times who accompanied the presidential delegation on a trip to China, suffered an attack of appendicitis and was operated in a hospital in Beijing.

The journalist was surprised, in principle, that only a local anesthetic was administered to him, in such a way that he was fully conscious during the entire intervention.

But it was even more surprising to see how, later, acupuncture was applied to relieve postoperative pain.

From those precise moments, the acupuncture It appeared in the front pages of the newspapers, in such a way that everyone began to know and take an interest in this practice.

Eminent American doctors of the moment were invited to verify for themselves their advantages and properties, whose activities were also followed by television teams and even by Western viewers who could watch reports and documentaries related to the subject.


Since then, at least in the West, the acupuncture it began to acquire even greater importance, to be much better known, in such a way that, at present (as we will see in a future report), it is widespread and, in fact, it is practiced in a large number of countries.

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