Wheat bran: benefits and properties

He saved It is the husk of the grain of the cereals pulverized by the crushing process, constituting as the most fibrous part of the cereals, hence it is a food extremely rich in essential nutrients for our health.

wheat bran benefits

Although depending on the type of bran obviously both its different nutrients and its benefits and properties vary, the truth is that it is notable for being rich in B vitamins and is especially rich in fiber, among other interesting aspects.

Usually two known types of bran are consumed - and you can find them in the markets: oat bran and the wheat bran .

What is wheat bran?

Wheat bran is the final product that remains after refining the wheat grain, so that it corresponds to the outer layers of the grain (specifically to the pericarp and its different sublayers, rich in essential nutrients).

Therefore many nutritionists believe that the elimination of these layers involve the elimination of the vast majority of nutrients that can be found in wheat bran.

Nutritional benefits of wheat bran

From a nutritional point of view, wheat bran is especially rich in potassium, a mineral that helps regulate blood pressure while maintaining good blood circulation.

It is also rich in iron (hence it is a recommended food in case of anemia for lack of iron), being in turn advised for people who practice sports intensively.

Among other minerals that we can find in this food is its richness in zinc, which helps in the growth process and is beneficial for the immune system (therefore it is also suitable at the time of increase defenses in a natural way), as well as being notable for its phosphorus content, which is adequate to maintain greater physical strength and healthy bones and teeth.

It is also especially rich in B vitamins, which help the brain to function properly and are also ideal for maintaining a good mood.

Nutritional content of wheat bran


275 kcal.


15 g


21 g

Total fat

4.3 g.


43 g.



Vitamin B1

0.52 mg.


1182 mg.

Vitamin B2

0.57 mg.


1013 mg.

Vitamin B3

13.57 mg.


612 mg.

Vitamin B6

1.3 mg.


10.56 mg.

Vitamin E

2.3 mg.


73 mg.

Folic acid

79 mcg.


11.50 mg.

Image | Phú Thịnh Co

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