What is the glycemic index?

what-is-index-glycemic If at any time you have followed a diet of weight loss, or have gone through the shelves of books dedicated exclusively to the field of dietetics and nutrition, surely you have read or heard about the glycemic index .

In general, it is a term whose concept and meaning can lead to error, although the truth is that it is usual to be always related to nutrition and weight loss diets or control.

What is the glycemic index?

It is called glycemic index or glycemic index yet system to quantify the glycemic response that a certain food has, which contains the same amount of carbohydrates as a reference food .

It consists of an adequate system to compare the "quality" of the different carbohydrates that can be found in individual foods, while providing a numerical index based above all on glycemic measurements after ingestion.

In other words, it is a useful system to know not only the amount of carbohydrates that a certain food has, but how quickly they are digested and absorbed by our body.

Taking into account that in diseases such as diabetes, the control of glycemic levels is essential, knowing the glycemic index of the food consumed is essential to follow a varied but adequate diet.

What is the purpose of the glycemic index?

The glycemic index helps to know the quantity and quality of carbohydrates that a certain food possesses, at the same time as it provides information about how quickly they are ingested and absorbed by our organism.

In this sense, the glycemic index measures the effect of a certain food, rich in carbohydrates, on blood sugar levels .

What is a food with a high glycemic index?

A food with a high glycemic index is one whose carbohydrates are fast absorbed , which means that your sugar is absorbed quickly and causes greater oscillations in insulin.

For this reason, this type of food is not recommended in diabetic people or in those who follow a weight loss diet, since they facilitate the accumulation of fats and cause us a faster appetite sensation.

What is a food with a low glycemic index?

They are foods that , because of its low glycemic content, are rich in complex carbohydrates or slow absorption, so that they are digested little by little and our blood insulin levels are kept constant .

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