The best posture to sleep according to science

Thanks to the accomplishment of different scientific studies we have been able to know when is the best moment to sleep, during how many hours we should sleep every time and what happens in our organism when we sleep little or too much. We have even known that sleeping more than we need can be negative for our own physical and mental health. But, according to science, what is the best position to sleep and thus enjoy better health ?.

Before discovering it, we must pay attention to the results obtained in a scientific experiment carried out by researchers from France, the United States and Israel, which has recently been published in the prestigious edition Nature Communications .

The best position to sleep

According to these first results, which apparently would still be much more work to carry out to confirm them, episodes of rapid eye movement would reflect changes in visual images in dreams , so that the ocular movements registered during REM sleep would be associated with successive microstates of activity in the cerebral cortex, representing a process quite similar to visual.

In other words, the theory that the different movements of the eyes would reflect the cerebral mechanism of analysis of the successive images of dreams would have been confirmed. Therefore, the eyeballs tend to move in the same way as when they see a scene when we are awake.

However, it is a theory that has not yet been fully tested, since as many experts also say fetuses have episodes of rapid eye movement (and not only humans, but also animals).

But as you surely know, our brain also takes advantage of the rest period to eliminate waste and toxins, which can be potentially dangerous for our health, since they pose a risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, whose Main causes are found in the accumulation of certain brain proteins (such as tau or beta amyloid).


So, what is the best position to sleep?

In this sense, researchers from Stanford University (in the United States) would have found the best sleeping position , precisely according to 'help' our body to the best elimination of such waste and toxins. According to this, sleeping sideways would be the best posture for a more efficient elimination . The reason is clear: the cerebrospinal fluid that filters through the brain is exchanged with the interstitial fluid for the elimination of toxins, so that lateral posture favors this elimination.

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