What is sadorexia?

He Institute of Eating Disorders (ITA) has found that more and more diseases linked to food problems.


One of the best known in these times is the sadorexia , or colloquially called the pain diet, said disease is a combination of behavior anorexic, bulimic and orthorectic with a body maltreatment and the use of masochistic weight loss methods.

The sadorexia is an eating disorder that combines anorexia with sadism or as we said before, masochism (which is defined as the pleasure of one's own pain) with the permanent conjugation of anorexic behavior with renovating techniques of thinning of severe masochism.

This "method" is used to achieve a extreme thinness , a thinness that is only visible to the eyes of others, because the person who suffers from this type of disease, lose weight without control and reach a point where it is impossible to look at yourself objectively and can have an end.

People with sadorexia, are people with low self-esteem, depressed, they may have led to this disease some kind of problem family, social or emotional and that lead to sadorexia to find a way out.

They only seek perfection in a world of imperfection, who want to achieve the impossible and who are capable of even committing suicide if they do not accept themselves as they are.

More information | Sadorexia: the pain diet

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