What is Phytotherapy and what is it for?

The Phytotherapy it consists of using the medicinal properties of the plants themselves to prevent or, in some cases, treat various diseases.

Not in vain, to benefit from absolutely all the virtues that we find in our own Nature , the one considered as traditional herbal medicine advises the consumption of medicinal plants in the form of baths, tisanes, poultices or even-apócemas (whose name gave rise to the well-known medieval potions).


The great technological advances have allowed that, at present, the creation of new phytotherapeutic forms has been made much easier to administer, and that, first of all, they are much more effective than before.

Among them, for example, I would highlight the capsule , so well known today and that we can find in many herbalists, which allows a double advantage: to facilitate its consumption and ensure an accurate dosage.

In addition, for a good and correct use of phytotherapy, it is necessary to take a healthy and healthy diet, because without a doubt this is a basic pillar of our health.

What does phytotherapy consist of?

It is about the Therapy that uses and uses medicinal plants and herbs for the purpose of preventing, treating, protecting or curing diseases and health disorders .

The plant species are usually used, and from these they are used from roots to their leaves, passing through the rhizomes, both marine and terrestrial plants ...

That is to say, we could basically define phytotherapy as medicine that uses plants and herbs for healing purposes, becoming in fact one of the oldest natural therapies that exist, counting in turn a very wide diversity -and richness- of remedies Homemade very varied, useful for practically any type of ailment or disease.


The phytotherapy to take care of the health

There is no doubt that the Phytotherapy can be considered an authentic natural medicine, insofar as it is based on ancient knowledge regarding the use of medicinal plants when it comes to preventing diseases, treating pathologies or reducing the symptoms of various disorders.

In fact, we could almost say that the Phytotherapy It was born at the time, many centuries ago, with the aim of providing natural solutions to different diseases with what at that time was only available: the medicinal virtues of many plants.

For example, in many homes plants and herbs with medicinal action are used with the aim of providing relief to common and typical ailments, such as anxiety, nervousness, depression, high blood pressure, stress, high cholesterol ...

It is also useful when it comes to relieving symptoms related to certain ailments or diseases. For example, certain medicinal plants can be very useful when it comes to relieving pain and itching of the throat, asthenia, cough, fever or pain in muscles and joints, among others.

On the other hand, herbal medicine has some added advantages: first of all we must bear in mind that it is a therapy whose medicinal substances are not neutral at all. However, they have virtually no toxic effects as long as their remedies are administered in recommended and normal amounts, therefore the associated toxicity problems are really low.

In any case, It is always advised that before starting a phytotherapy treatment ask the medical specialist , since it is known that certain plants can reduce the action of certain drugs, such as anticoagulants, antibiotics or antiarrhythmics. Or even enhance and increase their activity dangerously.

And is that its low safety and its almost no toxic effects in normal amounts do not counteract or eliminate the need to always follow a treatment under the follow-up and recommendation-of the specialist.

how-to-use herbal medicine

How to use phytotherapy to benefit from its medicinal virtues?

There are different ways that offer the possibility of benefiting from the most important medicinal virtues of phytotherapy:

  • Healthy medicinal drinks: as is the case of infusions, decoctions or teas.
  • Tinctures or essential oils.
  • Compresses or natural creams
  • Capsules in herbalists and specialized stores.

In any case, we must not forget something very important: always in its proper measure, the Phytotherapy It gives us a considerable number of clearly medicinal benefits. However, keep in mind that it is convenient to ask your doctor when you want to use some of these plants.

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