What is obesity and its causes

Currently the obesity It is considered as a serious problem that affects millions of people in the world, and that has generally increased greatly since a few years ago due to the increase in bad eating habits and the lack of physical activity .


What is obesity?

The obesity It is considered as a chronic disease treatable , given that if the different habits or problems that generated it are treated, it can be lower and reduce weight to solve it

It usually occurs when there is an excess of fat (adipose tissue) in our body, and as we will see below, there are many experts who warn about the serious risks posed by both short and long term obesity itself.

Causes of obesity

Although in a certain sense there are many causes of obesity, for obesity to appear, two fundamental issues that affect the majority of people with obesity must be taken into account:

    • Bad habits of life
      Generally obese people tend not to lead a healthy life, do not usually have a physically active activity and are often poorly nourished (high caloric nutrition), which will lead to an increase in weight and, therefore, an aggravation of the disease.
      The sedentary life, therefore, favors the appearance of the great majority of cases of obesity existing today in the world.
    • Genetic causes
      Although there are many cases of obesity that have their cause in various genetic defects, many experts indicate that for such obesity to appear it is necessary to have a sedentary lifestyle practice, where the person practices very little or no exercise and Food is not healthy, generally consuming an excessive amount of fat.
    • Metabolic causes
      As we know, depending on the physical activity of the person and their own metabolism, the energy use of calories varies from one subject to another.
      And is that as we could already know in the article Basal metabolism: fast or slow metabolism Some people tend to consume more calories than others.
    • Psychological causes
      Some recent studies have suggested - and demonstrated - the possibility that some cases of obesity have their consequence in various psychological causes .
    • Neuroendocrine causes
      They are causes that occur at the organic level for various problems of the person itself. For example: hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome, obesity originating in the hypothalamus, defining the hormone of growth, or Cushing's disease, among others.
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