What is celebrated on December 24?

On the 24th of December, the Good night , the eve of Christmas Day, which is celebrated on December 25. It is a night with important religious connotations, although for a long time it became a celebration rather of a cultural nature, since many atheist families and people also celebrate it.

Celebration December 24

Although the customs generally vary from one country to another, it is quite common and common that during that night the family gather for dinner and exchange gifts.

On December 24 in Spain

During this night it is usual for many families to gather around a table, to celebrate the day December 24 and do it in the company of delicious dishes and typical Christmas desserts .

They are common the pigs and lambs, seafood (like lobster, prawns, clams and crabs) and also fish. It is also common the tray of typical desserts, with nougat, marzipan and polvorones.

It is common that during this night the well-known Santa arrives (or Santa Claus, in his English tradition), being usual that many families exchange gifts.

December 24 in Mexico

It is custom that during this night the pastorelas are celebrated, some theatrical works in which the history of the birth of Jesus and the popular inns are represented, in which the procession of the pilgrims María and José is performed singing litanies and reciting the rosary. Afterwards, the piñatas are broken and the best punches, donuts and tamales are enjoyed.

It is also common for candies filled with snacks and fruits to be delivered.

On December 24 in Venezuela

During this night in Venezuela it is usual to celebrate the birth of the redeemer, reuniting the family to exchange gifts.

Delicious recipes and typical dishes are eaten, such as the popular ham bread, chicken salads, hallacas, black and pineapple cakes and lechoza sweet.

On December 24 in Paraguay

It is customary to place the popular Paraguayan Pesebre weeks before, placing each of the traditional figures and also placing coconut flowers, fruits and certain foods.

On Christmas Eve it is common to enjoy delicious cold foods to share with the family. It is also customary to explode firecrackers while awaiting the birth of Jesus.

December 24 in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, as in other parts of the world, the family gathers to celebrate Christmas Eve. Traditional foods are shared such as roast suckling pig, rice with pigeon peas and exquisite cakes.

It is common for many families to go to church while children dress as shepherds and figures of birth.

December 24 in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, it is customary for the family to dine on the traditional puya pork and baked chicken, accompanied by pomegranate mousse with coconut, Russian salad, fruits and delicious leaf cakes. It also highlights the popular ripe banana pie.

On December 24 in Argentina

As in many countries, the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated in Argentina, although many atheist families also gather to drink, celebrate the night and enjoy delicious meals.

At 12 at night it is common for the family to kiss and hug while burning a lot of gunpowder.

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