What are lactobacilli? Benefits and properties

The lactobacilli they are microorganisms that we find in our digestive system, and that help positively when correcting the imbalance of the intestinal flora.

Among these microorganisms are the bifidus, casei or acidophilus species, among others. In this sense, to put only a simple example, known are the so-called prebiotic foods .

Lactobacillus properties

As we can verify from time to time, these names are very well known in the food industry today, due to the introduction of lactobacilli in the food market.

But what are the benefits of lactobacilli when we take them in shape, for example, of yogurt?

Benefits of lactobacilli

The lactobacilli They are very beneficial for our organism, since as they have shown a very diverse amount of scientific studies, correct the imbalance of the intestinal flora, while stimulating the immune response of the body and facilitate digestion.

For this main reason, it is advisable to take yogurts with lactobacilli in these circumstances, but as long as they are not taken too often, nor change class or type in such a short time.

Ideally, as recommended by some specialists, is to eat two yogurts a week, of the same type of lactobacillus, for one or two weeks.

Properties of lactobacilli for the digestive system

The lactobacilli They are known mainly for their properties for the digestive system :

  • They facilitate digestion.
  • Correct imbalance of the intestinal flora.
  • Useful to correct the intestinal flora before excessive consumption of antibiotics or gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Suitable for treating intestinal ailments in babies and children.
  • They help to treat diarrhea problems.

Benefits of lactobacilli for general health

In addition to the main properties and virtues that lactobacilli provide for the digestive system, their properties for health in general.

For example, they are useful and recommended at the time of increase defenses , thanks to the fact that they are capable of stimulate the body's immune response .

Therefore, consume products rich in lactobacilli help in a healthy way when it comes to strengthen the immune system .

Where to find lactobacilli?

A good option is to consume products rich in lactobacilli . One of them are the yoghurts , being ideal to take two or three yogurts a week with lactobacilli .

But to enjoy the properties of lactobacilli Without these losing their medicinal virtues, it is best to take the yogurt with the same lactobacillus (although of different flavors) for one or two weeks, and then change for yogurt with other lactobacilli. And it is not advisable to mix different kinds of lactobacilli, since they can compete with each other .

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