Slimming pills

As we have been commenting since this blog is online, it is certainly alarming the number of people suffering from overweight and obesity in many countries of the world.


And is that although many institutions have begun to get their hands on the time for some time, the number of people with overweight It increases alarmingly and dangerously year after year.

We are not going to address now what are the causes of overweight and obesity , since on this question we already echoed some months ago. But we are going to know what can be the advantages or the disadvantages of one of the "remedies" most used in this aspect: diet pills or slimming pills .

Windows, drawbacks and risks of diet pills

The so-called diet pills or slimming pills they are products that can precisely help to stop obesity, but you should not think that with them the problem will be solved.

This is so, because as many experts in nutrition and dietetics agree, other aspects of life must be modified, such as daily food (the diet that is followed every day) and maintain a healthy, healthy lifestyle. active. It is not worth simply taking a pill and you're done.

Who can take slimming pills?

Although there is a drug approved by the European Commission without a prescription, there are currently two medicines that must be used under medical supervision, since slimming pills can have side effects that affect the patient.

Precisely because of this issue, you must follow the advice given by the health professional, and take them under strict monitoring. Of course, they are generally indicated for those with a body mass index ( BMI calculator ) of over 27 if there are other risk factors, although higher than 30 as a rule.

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