Weetabix 95% whole wheat

weetabix We know that to maintain a healthy lifestyle , the Health it must begin precisely in our diet; that is, what we usually eat every day.

It is essential to maintain a healthy food , rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and white meats, which will provide the necessary nutrients for our body to function perfectly.

But, at this point, we must not forget the consumption of whole grain cereals, which come to provide a variety of benefits, such as, for example, its high fiber content.

Many are the benefits of fiber , since it helps to prevent or treat common problems such as constipation .

In this regard, for example, the consumption of Weetabix , a product that offers us a total of 95% whole wheat. We reveal some doubts regarding this product.

Weetabix: food rich in fiber

Weetabix It contains 95% of whole wheat, which means that it provides a natural source of carbohydrates, in addition to having a high fiber content, fundamental - as we know - for the proper functioning of the organism.

To put just one simple example, with two weetabix you get approximately 16% of the recommended daily dose of fiber.

This food also stands out because it also has low levels of both fat and sugar, so it is a product tolerated by diabetics, and ideal for those who are following a diet of weight loss.

Calories from Weetabix

Do you know how many calories Weetabix brings? If you consume it regularly, for example every morning at breakfast, it is quite likely that you will be interested to know how much energy it gives you. Take good note.

  • Calories of Weetabix per serving: 127 kcal (537 kJ)
  • Calories of Weetabix per 100 grams: 338 kcal (1432 kJ)

Weetabix Nutrition Facts

Per 100 g.

Per serving

Carbohydrates 1432 kJ / 338 kcal 537 kJ / 127 kcal
Proteins 11.5 g 4.3 g
(of which sugars)
68.4 g
4.4 g
25.7 g
1.7 g
(of which saturates)
2.0 g
0.6 g
0.8 g
0.2 g
Dietary fiber
10.0 g
2.3 g
7.7 g
3.8 g
0.9 g
2.9 g
Sodium 0.26 g 0.10 g
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Folic acid

15.3 mg (85%)
1.2 mg (85%)
1.4 mg (85%)
170 ug (85%)

5.7 mg (32%)
0.4 mg (32%)
0.5 mg (32%)
64 oug (32%)
Minerals :
11.9 mg (85%) 4.5 mg (32%)

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