We dress in autumn with a special guide

Since Natursan We have always been interested in physical wellbeing, health, healthy eating, and to know, to a large extent, that series of interesting issues to consider in relation to natural therapies and alternative medicines.


Precisely because of this fact, we started today a Autumn Special Guide , in which, every day, we will collect articles in which we will deal with topics directly related to this special time of the year.

And it is that autumn is a special, magical time, where the energies flow calm and we begin to take advantage of the properties and virtues that, for example, Nature offers us.

From this note we will publish every day a link about those articles that we are writing within this Special Guide .

We hope you enjoy it.

Autumn's own food

  • Tangerines, rich in vitamin C. Ideal in the fall
  • Figs, allies against autumnal asthenia
  • Mushrooms, properties and most important benefits
  • Chestnuts, the fruit par excellence of autumn: virtues and properties

Take care of our health in the autumn

  • Phytotherapy and medicinal plants for autumn and winter
  • Mullein, good for pain and throat inflammation
  • The eucalyptus, ideal for the affections of the respiratory system

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