We discover how the intimate hygiene of the population with Scottex®

It is quite likely that you are one of the many people who find it difficult to tell or talk about how we carry out our most intimate hygiene habits. And it becomes, as you surely suspect, in one of the main taboos of our society today. For this reason, the British consultant Populus under Scottex® has carried out an exhaustive study in order to Know firsthand what processes we carry out with our hygiene , and above all, The sensation that produces us in our own daily well-being .

Of the recorded data, a main one emerges: 83% of respondents confess that talking about their intimate hygiene habits is as difficult as it is embarrassing to comment. But when they decide to speak it 97% confesses that feeling clean and fresh is important to them. Of these, it gives you a feeling of freshness to 75% and a sense of confidence to 41%.


In the words of Sam Owen, a psychologist,"when a person feels clean and comfortable, he has a greater potential for happiness and self-confidence, so it is essential that they carry out an effective hygiene process in their day to day" .

What are the main elements of hygiene?

Thanks to this study We have known that 85% of consumers use toilet paper, 28% use wet toilet paper (comfortable and popular wet wipes) and of these 82% makes a combined use of both ordinary toilet paper Such as wet toilet paper. The goal is clearly clear: take your inner cleansing further.

Among hygiene products that are currently considered as inseparable sets we can mention several: the use of dry toilet paper combined with wet toilet paper, shampoo with conditioner, and toothpaste with the rinse oral.


With this campaign, Scottex® Proposes the use of wet and dry toilet paper for superior hygiene and thus improve the daily habits of hygiene . And if you want to be informed of everything, we propose the Scottex® Facebook APP To download discount coupons.

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