Warm up before, after exercise and how to stretch correctly


The practice of physical exercise is fundamental not only to keep us in shape. It is also essential when it comes to enjoying better health, as it provides a number of benefits: it helps to lose weight and burn excess fat, it is de-stressing, improves and strengthens the joints and muscles, helps us to breathe better and strengthen our lungs ...

But as much or even more important than physical exercise is the Warming before and after exercise in itself. Something that many people do not realize, or that tend not to wear to the letter during sports, and finally has its obvious consequences.

Why warm up before the exercise?

It is advisable warm up before any physical exercise -And we could almost say that an obligation-, and make it the recommended time to heat both our joints and our muscles.

On the one hand it helps prevent sports injuries that can occur during exercise. While, on the other, it predisposes us to the practice of sports, not only from a physical point of view, but also psychological.

Regarding the warm-up time before exercise, a very good idea is to opt for a warm-up of between 5 to 15 minutes, being always better to warm up for 10 or 15 minutes, stretching all the muscles of our body (especially the muscles of the lower joints) .

Should one also warm up after the exercise?

More than heating up on this occasion the correct word is stretching . And is that stretching the muscles and joints well after having exercised physically will help us to prevent the annoying and uncomfortable laces.

It is usual that many people tend not to stretch well after practicing sports, because they do not feel stiff. But this is a mistake, since we do not feel pain because our muscles are still hot. The problem comes when a few hours passes, because if we have not stretched them, there will be discomfort in the form of stiffness.

On the stretch time after exercise, it is also useful to do it for 10 to 15 minutes.

And why should we also stretch well before and after exercise?

It's fundamental Stretch before exercise , since we help the muscles to stretch to avoid possible injuries during the practice of the subsequent exercise.

We should always stretch for at least 10 minutes before practicing physical exercise, as it helps to warm up muscles and joints.


Just as it is essential to do it before, also stretch after exercise is highly recommended and that no athlete should never forget, especially if, after a few hours, we want to avoid the annoying and feared "shoelaces."

In this sense the stretching It is practically important, because with it we relax the muscles of the body while helping to recover the heart rate, placing it at a more or less normal level.

To stretch, you must slow down the pace and take deep breaths. Once you're out, advance one leg by flexing your knee a bit and raising your arms.

Meanwhile, you can stretch and pull your arms to the front and up, and from the heel of your stretched leg, to the ground.

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