Walk to eliminate fats

We know some of the Common mistakes when dieting , highlighting - among the most important - the elimination of certain foods thinking that they gain more weight, not following an adequate diet depending on our daily energy needs, or not combining food correctly.


But as many experts defend (and as we say whenever we have the opportunity to do so), if we want eliminate fat it is due practice exercise , being one of the most suitable walk .

Walking not only helps us to eliminate fats, but also to lose a few extra kilos and, above all, to gain health, since we remain active and, furthermore, we distance ourselves from sedentary lifestyles.

Walk: you will eliminate fats and lose those extra pounds

There are people who exercise (even if it is only walking half an hour a day) see it as a real sacrifice, since they maintain a negative attitude towards this practice, and precisely because of that they do not take the pleasure and do not enjoy it.

However, surely you have already noticed that walking differs from running in that it is a generally gentle exercise, which can be combined even with a pleasant conversation between the couple or friends. Of course, do not confuse terms: walking is not the same as walking.

If in a certain sense it costs you a bit to walk, but you want to lose those extra kilos, burn the fat and feel much more active, or if you even suffer overweight or obesity , you can start walking between 5 and 10 minutes a day for a week.

The next week, for example, choose to raise those minutes until 15 or 20, or even if you think you are able to walk even longer, walk for half an hour (30 minutes).

Each week try to accelerate the pace and gradually lengthen the route. You will see how you will lose weight and, in addition, you will maintain yourself and you will feel much more active and healthy.

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