Vitamin C and its benefits for the skin

The vitamin C It is an essential vitamin for the proper and proper functioning of our body. It is also known by the name of ascorbic acid , and with this denomination we can find it in the labeling of many foods and food products. Being a water-soluble vitamin is very sensitive to heat, light and air. Since our body is not able to store it, a regular daily intake is necessary to provide our bodies with the daily amounts of vitamin C we need.

There is no doubt that, every time they talk to us about vitamin C, it is quite likely that lemon or orange juices and their different protective qualities against flu, colds and colds come to mind. As we have already mentioned at some point, although it is true that it does not help to avoid this type of viral infections, it does help to reduce its symptoms by strengthening our immune system.

Vitamin C for the skin

The benefits of vitamin C for the skin

Vitamin C is one of the most antioxidant vitamins , emphasizing in this sense together with vitamin E (another of the essential nutrients equally antioxidants). It is a essential vitamin for the health of our skin , fundamentally because stimulates cutaneous metabolism and help in the collagen formation .

Among its most interesting qualities, in addition to those cited above, we can mention its benefits at the time of bring vitality and luminosity to the skin . Its regular consumption, from Foods rich in vitamin C , is the best way to soften the signs of fatigue and minimize both fine lines and wrinkles , precisely thanks to its antioxidant qualities.

In addition, it becomes a very interesting essential nutrient at the time of protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun , hence it is common to find vitamin C in many skin photoprotectors.

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A regular intake of foods high in vitamin C helps when it comes to:

  • Reinforce the natural defenses of the skin.
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, considered as the intercellular "cement" of the body.
  • Revitalizes the skin naturally.
  • Stops premature skin aging.
  • Prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Smoothes expression lines

In dermatology we can find different treatments rich in vitamin C, which are used especially at the time of recover the natural luminosity of facial skin , and are suitable for prevent the appearance of spots .

What are the foods richest in vitamin C?

Between the foods with higher vitamin C content especially fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the following:

Food Quantity (mg. Per 100 g.)
Guava 270
Peppers 130
Papaya 80
Kiwi 70
Coles 65
Cabbage 67
Raspberry 60
Lemon and orange fifty
Grapefruit Four. Five
Grelos 40
Mango 38
Tangerine 35
Turnips 30
Spinach 30

Therefore, the best way to provide vitamin C to our body is to try to consume every day some of the fresh fruits and vegetables listed above. Although certain foods can only be consumed in season, it is possible to find others available practically all year round. Such is the case of lemon or kiwis, turnips, spinach, cabbage, cabbage or peppers.


To contribute these foods to our daily diet is the best way to take care of our skin, since we contribute to our organism the daily amounts that it needs as much of vitamin C as of other essential nutrients that participate actively in our health. Remember what is the recommended daily amount of vitamin C a day:

Age Men (mg) Women (mg)
1-3 Years fifteen fifteen
4-8 Years 25 25
9-13 Years Four. Five Four. Five
14-18 Years 75 65
+ 18 Years 90 75
Smokers + 18 Years 125 110
Pregnant 80-85
Lactation 115-120

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