Valerian, good against insomnia and anxiety

Recently, our colleagues from Naturalternativa picked up a useful and interesting list of Home remedies for insomnia , in which they dealt with those home remedies that can help people who suffer from insomnia and, therefore, can not sleep or rest well.


One of the ideal plants for this type of case is the valerian , also known as the "grass of cats", which -as you can imagine- often likes this type of animals.

Although its therapeutic properties were certainly not known until the sixteenth century, since then the different benefits and properties of valerian , something about us we will take care of both detained and in detail throughout this article.

Benefits and properties of valerian

The valerian root has a penetrating, powerful and strong odor, mainly due to the presence of an important and outstanding essential oil.

For this reason, it can become an effective treatment or remedy when fighting against different sleep problems, such as anxiety and pain. anxiety .

It can be good also in cases of stress , in which -for different reasons- we have to relax and reassure ourselves, something that can be very positive against current anxiolytics, since it does not create habit in those who consume it.

Some experts use the valerian in the different cures of tobacco detoxification, calming the anxiety and nervousness that usually accompany the detoxification.

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