Training in Gestalt Therapy for the 2012 course

The Gestalt Therapy Is a psychotherapeutic model created by Fritz Perls, Paul Goodman and Laura Pelrs, and emerged in the 1950s as an authentic life philosophy , Although one of its main objectives was to criticize and counterattack Psychoanalysis of Freud , So criticized in those years, although equally accepted in other medical fields.

Since that decade it has become a psychotherapeutic model of recognized prestige and importance in many countries, so that its arrival in Spain did not take place officially until just a few years ago.

Within this importance in terms of the expansion of the Gestalt's knowledge for our country stands out the Defabula Center , One of the schools of Training in Gestalt Therapy More recognized in our country, since it is the only school that has the prestigious endorsement of the European Association of Gestalt Therapy.

In February 2012 Officially begin the Training in Gestalt Therapy 2012 , So you are still on time if you are interested in training in this model of great importance in countries like the United States or Germany, among others.

Why train in Gestalt Therapy with Defábula?

  • It is the only school in Spain backed by the European Gestalt Therapy Association .
  • You receive a specialized training in Gestalt Therapy, which will be useful not only for your personal life, but also for your training as a psychotherapist.
  • You can work as a Gestalt Therapist, since at the end of the first level you get a Certified as a specialist in gestalt techniques .
  • You can be recognized as Gestalt Therapist by the AETG (Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy) And be Full Member of the AETG (Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy) .

If you want more information, you can fill in the Contact Form Or call the phones 958 137 995 T the 625 315 820 .

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