Tips to take care of the liver

Take care of the liver He liver It is one of the most important organs of our body, mainly due to the large number of important functions performed throughout the day, and that allows us to enjoy a good deal of good health.

With regard to their own functions of the liver , we find that it is a useful organ to purify the blood of toxins, and works together with the gallbladder in the digestion of fats, among others.

Given its importance, it is essential to follow a set of specific guidelines or habits that help when take care of the liver , a question that -to a large extent- helps a lot to follow a healthy diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid alcohol, a great enemy of the liver.

And it is that diseases like fatty liver So common habitually with the increase of overweight and obesity can be one of your biggest enemies.

How to take care of the liver

  • Do not drink alcohol. It is one of the biggest enemies for the correct health of the liver, since it can cause one of the most common diseases: alcoholic fatty liver.
  • Avoid overweight and obesity: they are harmful not only for the liver, but also for our health. In addition, they can cause the appearance of fatty liver , a disease that is not treated properly, can evolve to cirrhosis and liver cancer. If you have fatty liver, you can help the tips for eliminate fat in the liver .
  • Always eat fresh, healthy and natural foods. Both fruits and fresh vegetables will help you a lot.
  • Take between 1.5 and 2 liters of water daily. It helps your body to eliminate the toxins it does not need, and the liver to perform its functions well (among them, the correct purification of fats).
  • It is convenient purify the liver at least once a year, especially with the arrival of autumn.
  • Take infusions that help take care of the liver. The dandelion is ideal.
  • Both the Silymarin As the Marian thistle They are useful when it comes to taking care of the liver.
Fundamentally for the liver care It is essential to eliminate all those habits that are clear enemies of its proper functioning and proper health, such as:
  • Eat in excess and in abundance.
  • Dishes too fatty or spicy.
  • Drink alcohol.
  • Drink little water.
By avoiding these habits, we are already gaining a great deal of ground in their care, especially because these tend to harm their health and prevent them from performing, in one way or another, correctly each and every one of their main functions.

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