How to recharge energies naturally

recharge energies It is normal that, depending on the season of the year in which we find ourselves, our mood tends to vary, going from positive to negative, from happy to sad.

So, for example, if in summer we tend to feel happy and full, during the autumn it is common to see the so-called autumn depression (also known by the name of autumnal asthenia ).

Therefore, a good way to recharge the batteries is to generally enjoy a healthy life, practicing physical exercise every day and being fully happy living the here and now.

However, there are also simple and basic tips that will help you when recharge . You will be able to apply them whenever you need it.

How to recharge

  • Feeding : Keep a balanced, healthy and completely natural diet every day. Do not forget to consume 5 servings a day of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Physical exercise : Exercise regularly, at least three times a week, for at least 30 minutes.
  • Relaxation : Live a quiet and relaxed life. Get away from worries, stress and anxiety. Only then will you achieve not to diminish your natural reserve of energies.
  • Break : Rest the right and necessary time, always what your body needs. Avoid watching television before going to sleep. It is advisable to read a book that relaxes you, or listen to relaxing music.
  • Optimism Try to be a little more optimistic every day. Did you know that optimistic people, in addition to being happier, tend to live longer and get sick less often?
  • Nutritional supplements : When you feel that you need some extra energy, some nutritional supplements, such as eleutherococcus , ginseng or guarana .

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