Tips for cooking turkey

Tips for cooking turkey If we talk about a characteristic animal as the main ingredient of many of the Christmas recipes that tend to be produced all over the world, surely the Turkey Become one of the most prominent.

Between the benefits of turkey More interesting, we find that it is a type of white meat (or lean meat) especially low in fat and therefore in calories. It has a high content in high biological value proteins , low cholesterol and is also extremely rich in fatty acids, which help protect the heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, its high content of minerals (such as iron) and in group B vitamins is surprising.

Regarding their calories, 100 grams provide just 160 calories, while the good quality of their meat make it an animal widely used for Christmas recipes.

Among these recipes, for example, on a previous occasion we explained how to make a delicious turkey to champagne . Although the Stuffed turkey Without doubt, it becomes one of the most recommended options. In this sense we also indicate you how to cook stuffed turkey .

But considering that the Turkey It is a type of meat that is easily dried, it is always useful to have some Tips for cooking turkey and thus enjoy all its flavor and its different organoleptic properties.

How to get the meat of the turkey does not dry?

One of the characteristics of the turkey is that, despite its ease of preparation and cooking, we run the risk that we pass in the cooking time and its meat is dried. Even if we do not pass in its cooking, it can also dry up.

To avoid this, a simple trick is to take a bowl or a saucepan, fill it with milk and add a few drops of lemon juice before cooking it. We must marinate it in this mixture and leave it for a few hours. We will make it as juicy as it is tender.

Is it possible to increase the taste of turkey meat?

Although turkey meat is characterized as delicious, sometimes it may not have as much flavor.

To increase it, there are different preparation options that will help to reinforce its flavor: prepare it in the pan or on the grill. At the time it is made, you can add a little salt.

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