Advice against the rebound effect in diets

rebound effect When a weight loss diet is followed (with the objective of losing weight and weight loss) it is common for one of the greatest fears to be the so-called rebound effect .

As its name suggests, the rebound effect consists of the recovery of the kilos that have been lost during the follow-up of the weight loss diet, especially once the weight-loss regimen has been completed.

One of the main causes that a person can go through this rebound effect is mainly due to the follow-up of a diet that has caused a rapid weight loss (in which especially only liquids have been lost and not fat, which is the ultimate goal ); or because after finishing it changes the diet and begins to eat forbidden foods, exceeding again in a consumption of calories higher than recommended.

Are there useful tips to avoid the rebound effect?

Obviously, there are some simple tips that can be very useful at the time of avoid the rebound effect . Take good note, here are the main ones:

Follow a proper and balanced diet

The diet you follow should have been prescribed by a registered dietitian or nutritionist. This diet should provide you with fewer calories but the different nutrients that your body needs.

In addition, it is recommended that the weight loss be progressive, and never rapid, so that the diet should have a gradual fat loss, and not only liquids.

It is not advisable to lose weight quickly

In addition to being dangerous to our health, it is not at all advisable that the weight loss be fast, losing 2 or 3 kilos every week. In this sense, many nutritionists stress the importance that, each week, lose up to 600 or 800 grams, but no more.

In this way we will avoid in turn that after finishing the diet we recover the weight that we have lost.

Practice physical exercise on a regular basis, even if you have finished the diet

It is usually common that the person who starts to follow a diet habitually did not practice before physical exercise. Therefore, if starting to follow the diet helps us to maintain the habit of practicing sports, when we finish the diet it is essential to continue with this practice.

Continue with the maintenance diet

When we follow the diet with our nutritionist, it is usual that after having achieved our goal, it indicates a maintenance diet to follow, whose objective is obviously to continue with the weight we have lost and not recover them.

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