Three magical legends about the creation of tea

Many are the legends that tell us about the tea creation , how men could begin to enjoy this beneficial and almost magical drink, which have a long list of properties and benefits extremely important

Chinese tea

However, today we are going to deal with three of them; If possible, three of the most important, for the places from which they were collected and for their historical interest.

Magical legends about tea

Tea legend in China

In China, the emperor Shen Nung she slept peacefully and relaxed in the shade of a bush while water boiled in a bowl beside her.

At that moment, some leaves of that shrub began to fall into the aforementioned pot, from where the emperor was preparing to drink the hot water. In this way Shen Nung discovered the healing power of tea.

Tea legend in India

In India, the founder of Zen Buddhism , Badhidarma, while performing the meditation fell asleep as a result of that long series of vigils he had endured.

Annoyed by the weakness he felt, he decided to tear off his eyelids out of despair, and buried them ... It is said that two tea bushes sprouted in that same place ...


While Buddha He meditated, saw in his mind the image of the sad condition of man, the one that made him suffer every day. From his eyes, compassionate, tears began to flow, and in the place where the first fell, the tea bush emerged, which according to legend, would serve as a consolation to all Humanity.

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