The rebound effect

The one called as rebound effect It becomes one of the biggest concerns and one of the main enemies of all those people who follow a diet to lose weight.

Why? Fundamentally because with the rebound effect finally ends up recovering the weight that was originally lost during the follow-up of the weight reduction diet.

However, analyze not only what is the rebound effect , if not what are the causes of the rebound effect Y how to avoid the rebound effect it always becomes a fundamental option or element to know before following a diet, precisely so that its follow-up is optimal and the desired result is achieved.

What is the rebound effect?

The rebound effect is considered as the recovery of the kilos that have been lost with a weight loss diet once the weight loss regimen has been completed .

What are the causes of the rebound effect?

Although there are several causes of the rebound effect , one of the main ones is that the person tends to eliminate the habits followed during the diet and returns to recover those that led him to that excess weight: for example, he does not eat healthy and yes a lot of industrial bakery or does not watch the quantities, practices physical exercise and does not follow a balance diet .

rebound effect

We can also meet people who have followed a diet of thinning but little balanced. They are usually diets that eliminate certain nutrients or food groups, which in the end not only end up producing dangerous nutritional deficits, but they also have a negative influence on the fact that the person ends up sticking to those foods prohibited during the diet.

The elimination of the practice of physical exercise is also another common habit that causes the appearance of the dreaded rebound effect, especially because it goes from a more active lifestyle (during the diet follow-up), to a more sedentary life.

How to avoid the rebound effect

  • Follow a diet of weight loss Prescribed and elaborated by a registered dietitian or by a registered nutritionist. This diet should provide us with fewer calories but absolutely all the necessary nutrients, always in its proper measure.
  • Weight loss should be progressive : this means that it is not at all healthy for a person to lose weight quickly, since in addition to being very harmful to health, it also tends to increase weight more quickly. Therefore, the key is to lose weight little by little. Patience and consistency in a diet are always fundamental.
  • Continue practicing physical exercise : It's vital not only to keep the weight lost within what would be considered a ideal weight . It is also essential to enjoy good health and a healthy lifestyle. It is common that, once the target weight has been lost, many people believe that they have already fulfilled, and not only do they end up not following the diet, but they go on to a more sedentary life. This is a mistake that in time will influence the recovery of lost weight.
  • After finishing the diet, follow a maintenance diet As its own name indicates, it is vital to follow a maintenance diet that helps to not recover lost weight. It may not be conceived as a diet in itself, since it is enough to always choose natural and low-fat products and consume only the calories that we burn.

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