The main medical and therapeutic uses of marijuana

Surely you already know the great controversy existing in our country about the use and consumption of marijuana , especially when compared to the increasingly widespread use as medical treatment for certain disorders and diseases. So, for example, while in the Netherlands consumption and sale are allowed in the calls as coffee shops , in our country the holding of certain amounts for own consumption entails an administrative fine.

And it is that although it is true that the abuse of marijuana causes very negative and harmful effects on health , is also able to help certain people to live better, especially in some diseases or health disorders, especially for their great analgesic capacity , being common its medical prescription -for example- as palliative for terminal diseases , or in the case of degenerative neuronal disorders .

Medical uses of marijuana

Yes, our country allows the prescription of marijuana for palliative purposes , although in this section it is true that both the limits and the nuances are quite broad and abundant. Even now it is possible to find one or the other medical manual of marijuana , in which to discover information for the treatment of glaucoma, insomnia ... or reduce the symptoms of arthritis or AIDS from the therapeutic use with this plant.

What are the main therapeutic uses of marijuana?

Nausea and vomiting

Certain scientific studies have found that Marijuana helps to inhibit nausea and vomiting that patients with Cancer , submitted to chemotherapy . On the other hand, in traditional medicine, cannabinoids are commonly used as inhibitors of nausea caused by other diseases, such as, for example, AIDS and hepatitis.

Not in vain, its use has been approved by the American FDA ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration ), in those patients who do not respond to standard medications.

Multiple sclerosis

The use of compounds derived from marijuana have been used in the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis , causing a positive effect on the immune system and calming the hyperactivity, significantly reducing the damage caused by the disease in the central nervous system.


Muscle spasms

There are several published scientific studies that would demonstrate the effectiveness of marijuana in the seizure control , especially from muscle spasms , something so important especially in those people who suffer from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries.

Anorexia and cachexia

In patients with anorexy derived from serious pathologies is a good appetite stimulant , facilitating weight gain in turn. In this sense, different scientific studies have confirmed the stimulating effect of the appetite of THC in patients with AIDS, as well as an increase in weight in patients with Alzheimer's.

Analgesic properties

Marijuana is a plant with recognized analgesic action . In fact, different clinical studies have already proven the analgesic properties of different and different cannabis derivatives.

With all this, among the possible indications are pain caused by: HIV infection, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, neurological pain of multiple sclerosis, chronic intestinal inflammation or neuralgia.

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