The ideal weight

Keep a ideal weight (adequate and within the parameters determined according to our own physical complexion, height and sex) is one of the most recommended issues by experts in nutrition and dietetics, and ultimately health professionals.

ideal weight

This is so because, in this way, we maintain the weight in a ideal weight , and we do not suffer overweight neither obesity , and much less malnutrition.

Many experts recommend both maintaining a natural food like a healthy food , and, above all, enjoy an active lifestyle, practicing exercise at least 3 times a week and moving away from a sedentary lifestyle.

Precisely for this main issue, we propose below some formulas to know what is your ideal weight , at the same time that we offer a series of links in which you will be able to know which is the ideal weight in women , he ideal weight men , Y calculate your BMI for free .

Know your ideal weight

Without any doubt, one of the methods or forms more accepted to be able to know the ideal weight is the IMC (body mass index), which divides the weight in kilos between height in meters, and squared:


However, you can choose our free IMC calculator , so that you calculate it online and you do not have to be calculating.

In addition, Bernhard establishes the ideal weight according to the thoracic perimeter, which is calculated as follows:


The ideal weight in men and women

  • Ideal weight in women
  • Ideal weight in men

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