The bearberry, ideal against urinary infections

The gayuba It is a plant known scientifically with the name of Arctostaphilos uva-ursi , Of recognized action and medicinal use that grows in Northern Europe, Asia and America. With the translation of its Latin name "bear grape", it makes almost without any doubt reference to the predilection of these animals for their fruits, which present a texture and a flavor that is certainly unpleasant (for humans).

Its leaves are very green, small and perennial, always appreciated for their therapeutic properties. These contain a substance called arbutósido, which is metabolized in hydroquinone and is eliminated through the urine.

Precisely are its leaves and not its fruits (whose taste as we said is actually extremely unpleasant) which are used from a medicinal point of view, because they are those that ultimately have their therapeutic properties.

The qualities of bearberry against urine infections

Antibacterial and disinfectant properties

It has some very interesting antibacterial properties against Escherichia coli , the pathogen responsible for numerous cystitis (infections of the urinary tract). Act in fact as a wonderful natural antiseptic , thanks to which allows the release from the liver of hydroquinone.

That is why this plant is popularly known for its qualities as urinary disinfectant , being precisely useful to disinfect the urinary tract and prevent the negative action of certain bacteria, as in this case is the case of one of the main culprits of most urinary tract infections: the bacteria Escherichia Coli .

The antibacterial qualities we owe to the presence of arbutin , a glycoside with impressive qualities to destroy bacteria present in urine.

Important source of tannins

It is an important source of tannins anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties , which favors the increase of the volume of the urine and the renal elimination of the urea .


This translates into something very simple: to produce a greater increase in urine is achieved favor the healing of cystitis, helping in a very positive to the elimination of toxins through it.

Useful in most urinary tract infections

But the truth is that bearberry is not only useful against cystitis. It is also, in short, for the natural treatment of most of the infections that occur in the urinary tract .

And what are the most common? Not only cystitis, but also urethritis and vaginitis in women. On the other hand, it also helps in case of leucorrhoea and prostate problems in man.

Other recognized qualities of the bearberry

But bearberry is not only useful and interesting in the treatment and natural cure of cystitis and other urinary tract infections. It is also particularly interesting how astringent Y antidiarrheal , becoming a mild remedy against occasional diarrhea.

On the other hand, it can also be used externally in the form of mouth rinses and ointments.

For the first case, the gayuna helps to fight the inflammations that arise in the mouth . While in the form of ointments it is useful for disinfect minor skin wounds .


Do you have side effects and contraindications?

Although bearberry has no side effects, it must be taken into account that in high doses can cause irritation in the mucous membranes , as a consequence of its high tannin content.

It does have contraindications, and is that its consumption is not advised in case of kidney disease or during pregnancy (pregnancy).

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