The orange cure

When the autumn begins, and especially when the cold days arrive and the time change occurs, it tends to be very common that our health suffers, especially because the decrease in sunlight and the actual change of time itself have an impact on negative in our own organism.

orange cure

This in turn causes a decrease in the defenses, which is why it is essential that, starting in mid-September, we begin to increase defenses by following a healthy and balanced diet, practicing physical exercise and consuming nutrients that help strengthen the immune system .

When reinforcing the immune system of our organism, in a completely natural way, we highlight the citrus , fruits especially rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that protects against infections and maintains our immune system in an optimal state.

Although a very good option is to consume citrus every day, when we meet in autumn a good idea for this time is the one called orange cure (You can know more about fruit cures in our special note on this subject).

What is the orange cure?

As the so-called cure of lemon , the orange cure It is a really appropriate option in cold weather, as is the case of autumn and winter, during which our defenses tend to suffer negatively.

It is a simple and natural way to enjoy all the benefits of the orange , thanks to the fact that being rich in vitamin C naturally helps to strengthen the defenses, protects against infections, strengthens the immune system, is an antioxidant vitamin, and also protects against degenerative diseases.

How is the orange cure

Its follow-up is extremely simple:

1) Squeeze an orange to get your juice.

2) The first day dilutes the juice of an orange in water.

3) Increase one per day until you reach 10.

4) From there, invert the process until you get back to an orange daily.

Image | Sarah Cairncross

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