The benefits of yogurt for the skin

That he yoghurt It is a very beneficial food from a nutritional and health point of view of that there would be practically no room for doubt. In fact, many nutritionists consider it an indispensable food in a varied, healthy and balanced diet, thanks to the different nutrients it provides: 1 glass of yogurt contains 180 mg. of calcium, 240 mg. of potassium, 17 mg. of magnesium, vitamin A and vitamins of group B among which vitamin B2, B12, folic acid and niacin stand out. Without counting its richness in living microorganisms that help to regenerate the intestinal flora.

That's why some time ago we talked to you why it's good to eat a yogurt every day , because it becomes an excellent natural option to provide proteins of high biological value, minerals and vitamins to our body, it is easy to digest, excellent when it comes to regenerating the intestinal flora and improving transit, it is a much healthier alternative to other desserts that really are not so much (as for example it could be a piece of cake or candy).

Benefits of yogurt on the skin

But did you know that its benefits are not only for our interior? He yoghurt it has been used since ancient times as a traditional remedy to make many beauty recipes. And the reason for one of its qualities for the skin is found in the presence of lactic acid .

The properties of yogurt in the skin

Helps moisturize the skin

Yogurt is an excellent natural skin moisturizer , which allows us not only to moisturize the skin of the face but also to enjoy a much brighter and better looking skin.

Wonderful natural exfoliant

Did you know that yogurt can act as an excellent exfoliant of natural origin? In fact, it's ideal because helps clean the skin of dead cells , which tend to accumulate in our face and result in the appearance of black dots, when mixed with the sebum present on the face.


Unlike other exfoliants yogurt has a particularity and / or a greater benefit. And is that It can be used even by people who have sensitive skin or dry skin .

Ideal to treat and fight acne

If you have acne yogurt can become your inseparable friend, since it becomes an excellent natural option as a treatment against grains , thanks mainly to its zinc content and because it has an acidic pH .. In fact, those who have already tested it confirm that it is ideal because Helps reduce acne breakouts .

What yogurt to choose to apply on the skin and enjoy its properties in beauty?

It is clear that when applying it on the skin to enjoy the various benefits of yogurt on the skin is not suitable to use or use any type of yogurt .

Not surprisingly, as many experts in beauty and natural cosmetics say, flavored yogurts can cause irritation (especially in sensitive skin) or even cause more skin problems (for example, cause a greater appearance of acne or blackheads).

So, the best option is to always choose yogurt without sugar and without flavor that have not been pasteurized and therefore contain live cultures.


3 recipes of yogurt for the skin

  1. To exfoliate the skin : if you want to exfoliate your skin with yogurt you just have to mix 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt with 1 teaspoon of rice flour, mixing well so that both ingredients are integrated.
  2. To moisturize and clean the skin : you just have to put a natural yogurt in a bowl or cup and beat a little.
  3. Couple to fight acne : if you want to use yogurt as an acne treatment, you can mix 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt and 1 teaspoon of turmeric in a bowl or cup, mixing well with a wooden spoon.

How to apply yogurt on the skin depending on the purpose

  • If you want to exfoliate your skin : first wash your face well with a little warm water, but this time do not dry it. Then apply the yogurt mixed with rice flour, spreading it with the fingertips as if you were doing a massage (without squeezing a lot). Finally rinse the skin with warm water.
  • If you want to moisturize and clean it : to be able to enjoy this quality, you only have to wash the skin of your face with a little warm water, dry it with a clean towel and put some yogurt in your hands. Then apply the yogurt all over the face, spreading it with gentle massages with the help of your fingertips. Leave on for 15 minutes. Finally remove with warm water.
  • Against acne : you just have to add a little yogurt with turmeric to your face and leave it on for 25 minutes. Then remove with warm water. It is convenient to repeat this process at least 3 times a week.

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