The benefits of practicing physical exercise

He exercise , practiced especially at an adequate intensity, has a series of benefits that have been endorsed by a large number of studies and investigations over the years.


It is recommended to practice it between 3 and 4 times a week, preferably between 35 minutes / 1 hour for each session per day.

And in a certain sense we can choose between a diverse amount of sports to be able to practice it, taking into account - of course - our personal tastes: running, walking, swimming, cycling ...

The most important benefits that exercise gives us

  • It benefits the cardiorespiratory system and the locomotor system .
  • Improves sleep mechanisms
  • Increase energy expenditure and, therefore, the consumption of fats.
  • Decrease the figures of blood pressure .
  • Increase the figures of HDL cholesterol (also called "good cholesterol").
  • It is effective against different muscular pains.
  • Anti-stress effect against anxiety and stress itself.
  • Help calcium metabolism.

Some recommendations to follow when exercising

  • Start the day with a Good breakfast nutritious.
  • Avoid the ingestion of foods rich in simple carbohydrates such as sugar, honey or sweets, during the 30/40 minutes prior to physical activity.
  • Avoid drinks rich in caffeine or alcohol.
  • Respect 2 to 3 hours after the meal before any physical activity.
  • Drink enough and necessary before the activity. It is essential to drink water, if possible mineral, to help us recover lost fluids.

Did you know that physical exercise also has many benefits for the brain?

Many experts recommend the practice, if possible daily, of any kind of aerobic activity , as is the case of dancing, swimming or even doing a good walk at a moderate pace.

In this way, we will not only take care of our brain , but keep it active and increase levels of both adrenaline and oxygen consumption.

This is extremely beneficial, since physical exercise increases the blood supply to the brain, because it stimulates the circulation of our body.

Therefore, do not see it: practice physical exercise every day. Your brain will thank you.

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