The benefits of physical activity during pregnancy

He pregnancy It is a wonderful stage of life, and unless it is a risk pregnancy or high risk, The physical activity of the mother during pregnancy will be beneficial for both the mother's health and that of her baby , and especially to better face the moment of delivery.

Women who practice some daily physical activity during pregnancy usually have faster births, and subsequent recovery also occurs more quickly. In fact, we know the importance of physical activity for all people at the level of health, always adapted to the age and physical conditions of each person.

Exercise is very good for pregnancy

As we have said before, as long as it is not a high-risk pregnancy, physical activity will be very good both for the health of the mother and the baby and at all times must be authorized by the doctor.

Although during pregnancy do some physical activity, this activity will not replace the classes of preparation for childbirth. When the woman is pregnant, her body will undergo many physiological changes.

Your whole body will change, your cardiovascular system, your digestive system, your respiratory system, your renal system, your metabolism, your central nervous system, your locomotor system, body weight, mood swings, anxiety, joy, sadness, most of women are afraid to think about their makeover, they look strange, they feel fat.

Discover the benefits of physical activity in pregnancy

Therefore, in the face of all these changes, doing some physical activity even if you are walking on a moderate daily basis will help you to better face all these changes.

With physical activity you will notice how your blood circulation favors, it will help you maintain muscle tone, you will also notice relief in postural pain, it will help you sleep better, it will help you with weight, we already know that sedentary lifestyle is not healthy, It also prevents from suffering from gestational diabetes.


In general, physical activity will be good for your physical well-being and also your social well-being.

After reading all these benefits, you may have doubts like all pregnant women and ask yourself the following question: when will it be good or appropriate to start physical activity?

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Yes before getting pregnant and practiced some physical activity as long as it was not a sport or sudden physical activity that could harm or cause the interruption of pregnancy, you can resume it but always consulting with your doctor and following their guidelines and advice.

The beginning of physical activity will depend on how each pregnancy is, although it is not a risky pregnancy many doctors advise extreme precautions and be careful with physical efforts especially during the beginning of the pregnancy, the time comprising the first 3 months of gestation, the first trimester.


Some exercises that you can perform

Once the doctor has authorized the physical activity there are several exercises that you can perform:

  • Walk moderately every day for 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Swim at a gentle pace, it will help you feel light, tone your muscles both legs and arms and relieve postural pain.
  • Do gentle stretching exercises to keep you elastic and relax your muscles.
  • Dancing, moving slightly, dancing gently, without jumping or turning, listening to music during pregnancy and while dancing have many benefits for both the baby and the mother, the baby captures the mood of his mother and her joy and wellness.
  • Do yoga: it will favor you to have elasticity, to be flexible, to relax, yoga is harmony between body and mind, it will also help you with breathing.

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