The benefits of a relaxing bath a week

We live in a time when it is common to feel nervousness, stress and anxiety. The most usual thing is to always run things, without stopping to think about them and without stopping for a minute to rest. Moreover, we tend to underestimate the tranquility, patience, stability and especially trying to be a little happier. How? Enjoying a walk in the countryside, chatting with our partner or with our friends, watching a sunset while listening to the sound of the sea in the background ... As we see, they are small and simple things that help us to stop a bit and try to live life with more calmness.

Although one option is to visit a SPA from time to time and enjoy a relaxing day in a Thalassotherapy, do you know that at home you can also enjoy the benefits offered by a relaxing bath, and also with absolutely all the amenities ?. It is ideal to combine and complement the relaxation at home , which is even suitable for before going to bed, which will help us in turn to better reconcile the sleep.

The benefits of relaxing bath

The benefits of having a relaxing bath every week

It helps us to relax

Taking a bath every week is ideal to relax both our body and our mind , and it's an excellent way to stop along the way, get away from worries and dedicate a little time to ourselves.

The action of hot water with our body gives us a feeling of well-being, which helps us to relax deeply, especially when we are able to get away from worries, nervousness and problems.

It is ideal against anxiety, stress and nervous tension

If you suffer habitually stress or anxiety Did you know that giving yourself a regular soothing bath, at least once a week, is a natural and home remedy extremely useful in reducing your symptoms? In fact, you will notice an improvement almost from the same day you start taking your bath.

Treat and improve insomnia

If you tend to sleep badly, it's hard for you to fall asleep or you just can not sleep normally, giving you a relaxing bath every week is useful to treat and improve insomnia , so helping you sleep better will help you to enjoy better health.

Relieves muscle and joint pain

The action of hot water on the muscles and joints is extremely positive , since it helps when it comes to calming the physical pains that we may have or suffer during the week. On the other hand, it is a useful option for reduce inflammation .

Very good for the skin

The relaxing bath is useful for the health of the skin , since it helps in the treatment and skin infections . In addition, it is ideal to care for the skin naturally, especially if you add natural essential oils to the bathroom.

Why give yourself a relaxing bath a week?

Although we start the week with energy and with lots of encouragement, the different problems or worries that may arise with the passing of days can negatively influence our mood and our own internal tranquility.

It is especially advisable to stop a little and dedicate a few minutes to ourselves, to recover calm and enjoy a bit of tranquility. It is therefore very beneficial to give you a relaxing bath a week, because it becomes a natural therapeutic option that offers you incredible advantages, and that will help you to stop along the way.

Relaxing bath with bath salts

Bath salts are ideal for your relaxing bath , because they contain minerals and nutrients that help relax our body. In addition, they are useful to enjoy a smooth skin. In most cases they contain magnesium, which helps improve stress and fatigue, potassium that improves hydration and bromine, ideal to improve and calm muscle tension.


To give yourself a relaxing bath with salts you just have to fill the bathtub with hot water, at half height. It is advisable that the temperature is about 35º C. Add approximately one kilo of bath salts. Ready! Enjoy your bath for 20 minutes.

Aromatic bath with essential oils

Essential oils are the ideal complement for your relaxing bath because they help to provide aromas different, therapeutic and relaxing. You can choose the essential oil that you like, but we personally recommend the following:

  • Lavender essential oil : its aroma is ideal to take a relaxing bath, so it is one of the most used aromatherapy oils when you need to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Chamomile essential oil : its aroma will help calm your nerves and improve your level of relaxation.

To give you a relaxing bath, you just need to follow the same steps we have indicated in the previous section, but replacing the bath salts with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

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