The first baby juices when to start?

When we are new parents it is normal that we are assailed by a series of doubts about the feeding of the newborn. The best we can do is always follow the instructions and advice that the pediatrician will facilitate as the baby grows. However, it is common for many pediatricians to advise start with the first juice of the baby around 5 or 6 months , just when we started to give the first fruits .

Juices are another way of giving the baby all the properties and nutritional benefits that the fruit contains. The first juice that is offered to the baby is orange juice .

First baby juices

First we start by giving only a few teaspoons of juice, being careful not to choke. Later we can give you 50 ml. of orange juice and put it in a small bottle.

The appropriate time according to the pediatricians to give the baby the orange juice is mid-morning before the midday intake .

The benefits of orange juice for the baby

The orange provides the baby with a series of properties and benefits among which highlight that it is a fruit rich in vitamin C, provitamin A, beta carotene, antioxidant, rich in fiber, favors the absorption of iron from food, and also strengthens its defenses.

It is one of the most ideal fruits and recommended when starting with the first fruit juices for babies between 5 to 6 months. Yes, Orange juice is not recommended for babies with reflux , since it would cause more stomach problems and much more digestive discomfort.

Orange juice

Some tips to keep in mind

The best thing is to make the baby's juices ourselves with the help of a blender, and in the case of the orange with a juicer. We must bear in mind that homemade juices must be offered to the baby as we have prepared them so that the fruit does not rust and lose the vitamins it contains.

When we are going to be out of the house we can use the juices that are already prepared, and that are ready to give the baby everything he needs.

If the baby has tolerated his first fruits well we can give the baby juices of these fruits to alternate with the orange juice and offer other flavors, other vitamins and other nutrients.

It is important that the fruits we choose to make the baby's juices are fresh fruits , who are mature but not passed , seasonal fruits and, if possible ecological .

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