The antioxidant power of medicinal herbs: richer in vitamin E

A recent study has found that many of the medicinal herbs or culinary that we usually use in our homes have antioxidant properties higher than the different reported values ​​of the Vitamin E .


Last Sunday we echoed an interesting study carried out by scientists from the University of Georgia (United States), through which they had investigated a total of 24 herbs and spices purchased at a local supermarket, with the aim of knowing some of its most important properties and benefits.

Well, following the thread of that research, we have again met another study directly related to this one, but carried out on this occasion by researchers from the Department of Agriculture, in Beltsville, Maryland.

In it, scholars tried to determine the antioxidant properties of numerous medicinal and culinary herbs, trying in turn to compare them.

It was determined, for example, that among the packaged herbs that we can currently find in the market and that are clearly antioxidants, we find: pink geranium, sweet laurel, dill, purple amaranth, Vietnamese coriander and winter savory .

In addition, it was discovered that three different types of oregano, Italian, Greek and Mexican, have the highest antioxidant activity.

And is that not only the herbs studied showed antioxidant properties superior to the different values ​​reported in the Vitamin E , since even some outnumbered foods rich in antioxidants, such as blackberries, strawberries or vegetables.

Via | Agricultural and Food Chemistry

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