Tanning diet

Diet-bronzer When the summer , There are many people who, in one way or another, tend to worry about various health issues related directly or indirectly to the sun, the beach and vacations.

For example, many of our readers worry about knowing How to get brown , While protecting your skin but they get a nice Natural tan .

This from an external point of view. As we have seen previously, from a somewhat more internal point of view, nutrition and our daily food can be of great help. For example, Tanning food Can help us boost that tan that we have been waiting for.

But if you want to maintain a specific diet for these months, it is best to choose one Tanning diet .

Tanning diet


  • Coffee with skim milk, tea or infusion.
  • Toast with fresh cheese, with diet jam and some fruit, or three whole-grain crackers.


  • Peach juice, or two tomatoes, or a skim yogurt.


  • Salad of grated carrot, tomato and celery or 230 g. Of green beans, or 200 g. Of boiled Swiss chard.
  • 100 g. Grilled hake with onion; Or 150 g. Lean meat cooked or grilled (you can also choose breast).
  • Whole wheat bread or whole-grain toast.
  • Infusion or tea to taste.


  • An apple or a peach, or a skim yogurt.


  • Salad of tomato and lettuce or cream of varied vegetables, or an omelet with parsley.
  • Infusion to taste.

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