Tips to take care of hands and keep them young

Caring for the skin is essential when it comes to preventing premature aging, and above all, when it comes to avoiding some very common skin problems. Among these problems we can mention especially the excess of fat or the dryness. In the particular case of hands, it is true that it is usually the part of our body that we tend to forget most, despite the fact that they stand out for being the most used each day.

In fact, there are several factors that can influence the appearance of dry hands , among which we can mention especially the climate (especially cold air), wash hands with very cold or very hot water or in excess, use certain products (such as detergents or cleaning products), as well as follow a little varied and balanced diet.

Tips to keep young hands

At the time of keep young hands we must pay special attention not only to the mentioned factors, since in the end they are some of the main "culprits" that the skin of the hands tends to dry up. It is also important to refer to other habits that negatively influence your health.

Some useful habits to take care of your hands and keep them young

Maintain adequate hydration

Hydration is very important for our body , not only on the outside (to take care of the skin), but also on the inside because it is vital for the organism to carry out its fundamental basic functions.

Not in vain, maintaining adequate hydration helps maintain perfect skin throughout the body , since the cells of our skin need adequate internal hydration. Not only is it appropriate to drink water, you can also opt for juices and natural juices and infusions.

Care when washing your hands

Very cold water or very hot water can be negative for the health of the skin of the hands , and not only for the health of the skin of the hands but also in general. The reason is that very cold or very hot water eliminate much of the hydration of the skin, especially if you also use a soap that is not suitable for the pH of your skin.

Wash your hands

The best? There's no doubt it is always best to wash your hands with warm water and also use special and soft soaps that contain some agent or moisturizing compound.

If you want to enjoy a natural soap that also gives you qualities and benefits, you can learn to make a soap at home .

Use hand cream

The hand creams provide hydration and protection to the skin . It is convenient to throw cream on your hands at least twice a day: in the morning after showering (or before leaving home), and at night before going to bed.

In the first case you will protect them from the different aggressions of the day to day. While if you apply it before going to bed you will help to regenerate them from the possible damages suffered throughout the day. Of course, depending on the problem you may have on the skin, it is advisable to opt for creams that have been developed to help in their treatment: cracks, spots or redness.

Can learn how to make hand creams easily at home, with 100 percent natural ingredients.

Do not forget the nails

The nails are also part of your hands , and it is true that as it happens with the skin, the most usual thing is to forget about them, especially their care. Do you know that your state tells you a lot about your health? So, for example, you should pay attention to the brittle nails or the appearance of white spots . If they are weak, it is appropriate to use a Nail hardener with nutrients .

Also, remember that it is essential to maintain an adequate nutrition , useful to provide the essential nutrients that our nails so much need: vitamin A, B vitamins, calcium, iodine and zinc.

Simple natural tips that will help you have young hands

  • Coconut oil : Coconut oil is ideal to care for the skin of your hands easily, as it provides hydration and helps to achieve a wonderful soft skin. You can buy coconut oil in a herbalist, and before applying it to heat the pot or container to the water bath (since it tends to solidify). Then put a little on your hands and apply it with gentle massage. oil-coconut-hands
  • Oat bran and olive oil : mix in a bowl two large spoons of oat bran and two tablespoons of olive oil . In a separate saucepan heat the equivalent of a glass, until it warms a little. Then, once warm, add to the previous container and mix well. Introduce your hands in the mixture and let it act for 10 minutes. Finally dry them with the help of a soft towel.
  • Give yourself a hand massage : a useful and simple option to take care of your hands is to give yourself a massage. To do this, first apply a little moisturizer, olive oil or almond oil and give yourself a vigorous massage by rubbing both hands for 5 to 10 minutes.

Other useful tips to help you care for your hands

  • What soap to use ?: It is very common not to look at whether the soap we are using when cleaning our hands is really the right one, not realizing whether or not it affects the skin of this area of ​​the body. In this sense, there is no doubt that the best soap for our hands is liquid glycerin, always using warm water (that is, neither too cold nor too hot).
  • The best hydration for hands: After washing your hands it is advisable to moisturize them with specially developed hand cream for their care, nutrition and hydration. In case you have and use masks for the face, they are also interesting to use on your hands.
  • Do you have dry hands ?: In this case it may be useful to re-hydrate them by exfoliating them with a little hand cream or oil, to which product you could add when you put some oatmeal and yogurt on it. It is also useful that you protect them using gloves in all those tasks in which you must use products with chemical substances, or when your hands will be in contact with water for a long time.
  • You're going to sunbathe? Uses sun protection cream: Although it is usual for us to put solar photoresist only on the body, we tend to forget about our hands, despite being an external part visible to the sun. Therefore, it is always important to use sunscreen for your hands, which will help reduce the risk that in the future you will have spots on your hands.

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