Slimming food chart

To slim down not only is it necessary (and essential) to follow a correct diet of weight loss, which should always be established, prepared and indicated by a professional dietitian.


To be able to do it correctly, and above all to lose those extra pounds that we have left, another of the most recommendable issues is to opt for low calorie foods .

In this sense, we propose a diet table for weight loss that will help you precisely in this sense, being low in calories.

Slimming food chart

Table of foods to lose weight (per 100 grs)



Chard 18
Artichoke 18
Apricot 46
Celery 6
Khaki 64
Cherry 60
Mushroom twenty-one
Raspberry 32
Strawberries 3. 4
Passion fruit 17
Red currant 39
Green beans 27
Tangerine 38
Cantaloupe 25
Blackberries 39
Tomatoes 18

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