Diabetes symptoms

symptoms-diabetes The diabetes is considered a preventable disease in most cases (especially in the type 2 diabetes ), although easily diagnosable, it is quite common that many people may even suffer at this time and not know it. Mainly because of a fundamental issue: although there are certain key symptoms that can help identify it, the truth is that many times they can go unnoticed.

Among the most important causes of diabetes, at present many of the vita habits that are currently followed become one of the fundamental causes, since sedentary lifestyle, overweight and obesity, and follow an unbalanced diet influences direct form in its appearance.

Taking into account that the type 2 diabetes is the most common in adults, which appears when cells are unable to assimilate the insulin produced by the pancreas, and their diagnosis can not always be made in time, find out what the main symptoms of diabetes It tends to help a lot.

Main symptoms of diabetes

  • Bad breath .
  • Generalized fatigue.
  • Sensation of constant thirst .
  • Urinate very often .
  • Sensation of constant hunger .
  • Sudden weight loss without dieting .
  • Blurred vision .
  • Stomach and intestinal disorders .
  • Most common skin disorders .

Although these symptoms may indicate the presence or absence of uncontrolled diabetes, the fact is that the most advisable is that your diagnosis occurs medically through a blood test.

In this sense, it is best to perform a routine blood test every year, which will allow us to know how we are in health and to prevent or diagnose certain diseases or disorders.

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