Stains produced by the sun

spots-cutis-sol Now that we are at the gates of summer , there is no doubt that knowing tips and tricks that help us take care of our health during this season is something as interesting as it is fundamental.

So, for example, there are many tips that will be useful when enjoying a good natural tan , while it is more advisable that, once we have sunbathed, we know how we can keep the tan .

But when it comes to both sun and health itself, if we do not know how to take care of our skin and how to protect it, the sun can cause a series of problems that can turn into serious health problems, skin cancer being one of the most serious.

Thus, for example, the spots on the skin , so that, in a natural way, it can be useful to know how rinse the spots .

We know a little more about the spots produced by the sun .

Stains produced by the sun

Sun radiation tends to act directly on tyrosine, an enzyme present in the skin, to which precisely corresponds the task of regulating the production of melanin.

However, melanin produced in excess after exposure to the sun tends to be located only at some points, so they are created stains that appear darker only in certain areas of the skin.

One way to avoid the appearance of spots produced by the sun It is from the use of sun photoprotectors suitable for our skin type, in addition to renewing it every two hours when we go to the beach or when we simply sunbathe.

Do not forget that sunbathing after having put perfumes or cosmetics with alcohol can cause a greater number of spots. So it is essential that you avoid it.

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